Frequent Questions

Have more questions? Call the office for more answers.

When is quiet hours?
Quite hours are from 10:00PM until 9:00AM Sunday-Thursday. 11:00PM-9-AM Friday-Saturday. No Singing, Instrument playing, Outside TVs, Stereos & Radios or Loud Noise During Quiet Hours.

What happens if we have visitors?
They must stop and register at the office and receive a guest pass. If your guests are not registered they are trespassing. Day passes are $6.00 and $12.00 for overnight, daytime guest must leave the campground by 8:00PM. You are limited to eight guest only. Your are to be present with your guest at all times and are responsible for their behavior, undesirable conduct is unacceptable and your guest will be asked to leave. You shall be reprimanded. Visitors may not bring pets, boats or golf cars.

Are pets allowed?
All pets will be current in Rabies Vaccine and have Vaccine certificate. Must be on a 6 ft. Max. leash at all times. Cats or Dogs. Your pet must be quiet and not left unattended inside or out. It is understandable that from time to time your dog will bark ! But continuous barking will not be tolerated and you will have to remove the dog from the campground. You will pick up your pet messes immediately, carry a bag with you. Any pet that shows aggression will be removed from the campground. Pets are not allowed on the beach or in the waters at or near the beach.

What about trash?
We have trash no pick-up. There is one dumpster at each entrance. All trash will be bagged. Any other items that you would like picked up you must request it through the office and there will be a fee. We will not dispose of mattresses.

Can we use power tools?
No power tools or equipment or building projects on weekends from Friday 3:00-PM through Sunday, Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day. (This does not mean campground work being done that may be necessary).

Can I build a deck or dock?
No decks or docks or other site construction without first going through the camp office for approval. We will make you remove it. Decks will be built in 8 X 8 ft. sections only with approval.