Rules and Regulations

Holiday Acres Campground reserves the right to amend and change its rules as necessary to benefit all our campers. After enough reprimands for not following the rules herein or reasons deem objectionable, termination of tenancy may be given, and you must remove your unit and property from the park immediately. We reserve the right to evict any person or persons who in our judgment are creating a disturbance, participating in undesirable behavior or causing harm to persons or property of Holiday Acres Campground or other tenants, persons or personal property.  No fees will be refunded for removal due to rules violations.

GATE CODES: DO NOT GIVE OUT GATE CODES. This will result in immediate removal from campground. NO WARNINGS.

QUIET HOURS:  Sunday – Thursday quiet hours are from 10:00 PM until 9:00 AM, on Friday & Saturday quiet hours are from 11:00PM until 9:00AM.  No singing, instrument playing, outside TV’s, radios or loud noises during quiet hours. If loud noise occurs during quiet times you will only receive one warning prior to being asked to leave the campground. This applies to everyone.

SECURITY:  You and your site will be given a gate code not to be given to visitors.  If you are caught giving your gate code to visitors, your visitors and you will leave the campground immediately, trailer and all, and no refunds will be given. There will be no warnings for this violation.  If you are caught letting anyone in and they did not stop at the office first they will be asked to leave campground. You will get only one warning and there won’t be a second time. You will be asked to leave the campground. No exceptions. There will be security driving around checking on things and there are high definition security cameras installed in public common areas. The rules must always be followed.

SPEED LIMIT:  Is 5 MPH for all vehicles.  All speeding is to stop.  5 MPH goes for everybody. You have one chance. If you are caught you will leave your car and golf cart in the parking lot always and walk in.

CHILDREN:  Children under 12 are your responsibility. They are not to be left unattended anywhere on the property at any time.  Supervision is required when using the bathrooms and showers and at the beach or waterfront. We reserve the right to restrict children to their camp site for unbecoming behavior. Children are to be at campsites before dark (8pm) or with an adult at that time. No bikes after dark. All children under six need always to be with adult with no exceptions. Children are not to be left alone in the campground. If child is found alone, the police will be notified, and the camper will have to leave the campground. Let’s all have a safe and happy year. Adults are responsible for damage they or their children cause to the campground property, buildings, etc. There are high-definition security cameras installed in public common areas.

BICYCLES AND SKATEBOARDS:  Bicycles & skateboards are not allowed off your campsite after dusk.  They are to be ridden on the roads only and not on the beach, in the recreation halls, bathrooms or showers. Do not leave them on the basketball courts, stairways and walkways for someone to trip or fall over.  Do not ride down the stairways or at the Adult hall and in the sitting area.

SWIMMING AND BOATING:  LIFEGUARD ON DUTY WEEKENDS ONLY. Swimming is only allowed from the beach. No swimming after dusk. All children will be accompanied by a responsible person 16 years or older. No swimming from boats, nearby private beaches or the dam.

BOATS:  Only electric motors are permitted, and the boat is not to exceed 14 ft. in length. Your boat is to have your camp site lettered on both sides of the bow. Boats are to be kept in designated docking areas only. No boating in swimming area. No horseplay or swimming from a boat. Children under 16 years old are not to be boating without adult supervision. Rental Boats are available from the lifeguard on the weekends and staff during the week. A life jackets shall be worn and are provided with the boat rental.  Any time you would like to rent one of our boats it is up to you to sign waiver and pay lifeguard or staff.

GOLF CARTS:  ELECTRIC ONLY!  Golf carts are to be registered and inspected at the office and issued a permit before you will be allowed to operate it in the campground. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Golf carts will be insured by camper; your site number will be displayed in the front center of the car; head lights and taillights are required. Golf carts are to be driven by the adult site owners only. Passengers are restricted to the number of seats that are available and all passengers will be seated. Do not leave the keys in the cart. Golf carts are to be driven on the roads only and obey the 5 MPH speed limit. No parking on the beach, you may unload only. Do not drive golf carts on the walking trails and in the safari camping fields. Park in auto parking lots or designated areas only. Drinking or intoxicated behavior while operating a golf cart will not be allowed. Golf cart rules will be strictly enforced. Violations will result in the cessation of privileges to operate the golf cart within the campground and you will be required to remove the golf cart from the campground. ALL GOLF CARTS MUST BE ON THEIR OWN SITE NO LATER THAN 10:00 PM UNLESS THERE IS A BAND. If you are caught you will be asked to remove golf cart and it will never be welcome again.

TRASH REMOVAL:  You are responsible for bringing your bagged, personal trash to one of the two available dumpsters. Dumpsters are located behind the office and behind the parking lot at the seasonal entrance.  Only bagged, personal trash is allowed in the dumpsters.  Appliances, televisions, tires, furniture, etc., is your responsibility to remove from the campground and dispose of properly.  Violators who are caught dumping anything other than bagged trash will pay a fine of $75.00 per offense.

PETS:  All pets will be current in rabies vaccines. A copy of the rabies certificate for each pet must be given to the office prior to the pet being brought into the campground. At all times your pets, both cats and dogs, must be on a 6ft. maximum leash. Your pet must be quiet and must not left unattended inside or out.  Continuous barking will not be tolerated, and you will have to remove the dog from the campground. You will pick up your pet messes immediately. Any pet that shows aggression will be removed from the campground. Pets are not allowed on the beach or in the water at or near the beach. All pets need to be kept on their sites and you are asked to keep the barking to a minimum.  Remember there are other campers.  When you & your dog leave your site your dog always needs to be leashed and it is your job to carry a bag for their waste. It isn’t up to the campground workers to clean up after your pet.

ALCOHOL:  Alcoholic beverages must be contained to camp sites only, unless there is a band and only a band. If you or anyone on your site is caught with any type of drug you will be asked to leave at once and to never return. This applies to everyone. Remember this is a Family Campground.

FUNCTIONS:  During any function there will be no nonsense, fighting or swearing. This applies to all. There is only one warning after that. You will be asked to leave at once.

SMOKING:  Holiday Acres is proud to be a “smoke free” campground. You are permitted to smoke only on your camp site.  Smoking in common areas (beach, basketball court, etc.) and in buildings (rec hall, restrooms, cabins, etc.) will not be tolerated. We are a family campground and any person choosing to use legal marijuana is asked to do so INSIDE their own trailer. No exceptions or you will be asked to leave the campground.

AUTOMOBILES:  You may have two cars per site. If you abuse this privilege, it will go back to one.  Additional vehicles will park in the parking lot and NOT on other sites.

MOTORCYCLES:  All motorcycles need to be left in parking lot with no exceptions.

VISITORS:  All visitors must stop and register at the office and receive a guest pass. If your guests do not register, they are trespassing. Day passes are $6.00 and daytime guest must leave the campground by 8:00 PM.  Staying beyond 8:00 PM is considered an overnight guest. Overnight guest passes are $12.00. You must be with your guests at all times and you are responsible for their behavior. Site owner is responsible for all visitors to the site, even if they are staying in the campground.  Undesirable conduct is unacceptable, and your guest will be asked to leave, and you shall be reprimanded. Visitors may not bring pets, boats or golf cars. There are only 8 people allowed per site, unless given permission by office. No exceptions.

ELECTRIC AND PROPANE:  Bills are to be paid in full no later than beginning of following month. If any electric bill is outstanding when new monthly electric bill is posted, a $25.00 late fee will be added. The campground is responsible for all wiring up to the trailer; the wiring inside the trailer is the responsibility of the trailer owner.

MAINTENANCE:  It is up to you to maintain your site during your stay with us. All trailers and sites need to be totally cleaned no later than Memorial Day with no exceptions.

SEASONAL CAMPERS:  All fees are due the 1st of the designated month (ie:  September 1, April 1, June 1) and must be paid no later than the 15th of the designated month. If you will be arriving for the season after April 15, please call the office to make your April payment. This applies to all with no exceptions. Failure to pay will result in your camper being removed from the site and your site will be made available to other campers. A deposit of $500 for the following season must be paid no later than Sept. 15 with no exceptions. The deposit is a storage fee and will be applied to your seasonal fee upon your return but is otherwise NON-REFUNDABLE.  Failure to pay the deposit by Sept. 15 will result in your camper being removed from the site and your site will be made available to other campers to rent for the following season. Any seasonal camper choosing to leave early will not receive a refund and the site will revert to Holiday Acres Campground.

CAMPGROUND PROPERTY:  If anyone destroys campground games, rec hall, buildings, etc., all cost will go to the campers/parents. There are high definition security cameras installed in public common areas which will be used, if necessary, to determine the cause of damage.

TRAILERS:  If you are thinking of buying a new trailer, selling your current one, or moving to a new site you need to come through office first. Anytime you leave us your trailer goes with you or all costs will be delivered to your address. The camp site is not to be included in the sale of any trailer. If trailer owner wishes the allow/rent trailer to anyone, it must be done off the campground property. No subleasing of trailer is allowed on campground property.

STORAGE:  If you store an RV, vehicle, boat, golf cart, or any other personal property in the campground not on your site, such as the parking areas behind or next to the office or another location agreed upon with the office, you will be charged a storage fee of $100.00 per month per item stored. Storage payments are due on the first of each month. A late fee of $25 will be applied after ten days if payment has not been made. If payment is more than thirty days late, your property will be towed/removed from the property at your expense.

FIRES: Fires are not to exceed 18″ in height. Pallets are not allowed in the campground, for burning or otherwise. Gasoline, for any reason, is not to be used on fires. No exceptions: If you are caught, you will be removed from the campground without a refund.

We need to always remember that this is our summer home and let’s all treat it like that.

Let’s all take pride in Holiday Acres and have a fun filled year.